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Why I Support Hillary Rodham Clinton

June 8, 2016
Someone asked me earlier why I support Hillary Clinton for President. They were wanting me to be able to quote chapter and verse on her policies and I can’t do that. Not because I haven’t researched it, not because I don’t care but because that’s a) not how my brain works and b) not my main priority.

I know she favors gun control (as do I), I know she actually used the word “abortion” in a speech and supports Planned Parenthood (as do I). I know I agree with her stance on immigration. I know there are many other reasons that I’m not going to list out one by one and, no, I don’t have her voting record memorized. If you want to read her positions for yourself, you can go to this page and read for yourself.

Here’s what I do know:

Under pressure, she can keep her cool. Trump certainly can’t and neither can Sanders. Ask Sanders one thing that’s off his planned speech and he gets irritated. Watch the video of her being interrogated by the Republicans. She handles it calmly and with grace.

She has been vilified in the media (or as Bernie supporters like to call it “msm” for “mainstream media”) for 30+ years and she hasn’t ever been convicted of one thing, yet people call her a criminal. Yet, Hillary Clinton continues to work to improve the lives of all of us.

I know she can have a firmly held opinion – and then get more information or different information and expand or change her viewpoint. That’s a GOOD thing in a leader. “Intractable” (a word often used to describe Bernie Sanders) is NOT a good quality in a leader.

She has been working for the rights of children, for health care for Americans, she has spent decades building relationships with women, with people of color, with people who do not agree with her.

Because I know someone will ask this: YES. She has made decisions that I didn’t agree with. I wish she hadn’t voted for war. I wish she had come around to marriage equality sooner. With the information I have, I don’t agree with her position on fracking. There are no perfect candidates. No, not even Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton is a better choice for POTUS than Bernie Sanders and certainly better than Donald Trump.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a political writer, I am not a political scientist, I don’t have a degree in political science. I would in no way say I’m an expert. I could go out and find links to support my beliefs but I’m not going to do that. It’s my experience that no one cares about all that – they want to believe what they want to believe. All I’m doing here is answering the question about why I support Hillary.

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