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The Baby Butch in the Bakery

February 28, 2012

I came across a flash drive today – with a few of my posts. Here’s one.

Sometimes, I am a Complete Pushover.

Okay, stop laughing! It’s true. I’ll give you that it doesn’t happen often but sometimes it does. Would you like an example?

The first time I went to Greektown in Detroit, I went to a great Greek restaurant (I know, duh.) Pegasus is still my favorite Greek restaurant and I have been known to drive THREE HOURS for their skordalia. Yum. Just yum.

That first time, we all shared saganaki and skordalia (I almost never share my skordalia anymore!) and I had chicken souvlaki with a Greek salad. Gastronomical heaven, pumpkins. While I was contemplating which of the myriad delicious desserts I should have, one of my friends suggested that instead we go to the bakery across the street. Wtf? Why not?

Off we went.

Astoria Bakery is small and, that night, not too crowded. I was looking at all the pastries when I hear a deep voice say next to me, “What do you think you’re going to get?”

I turned to the cutest baby butch EVER. My response: *blink blink*

When I finally found my voice, I told her that I’d never been to Astoria before so I was having trouble choosing. “What’s *your* favorite?” I asked her.

“You’ve never been here before?” She took my hand and walked with me to the far end of the display case. “You have to try this. And this. And this. And this.”

Remember the Complete Pushover part? I bought every freaking dessert that she thought I should try. All I can remember is that there was a napoleon, a baklava (O.M.G.), a meringue, and lots of other things.

$45 later, I walked out of the bakery with a lot of freaking pasty and the phone number of a baby.

My friends thought that it was the funniest freaking thing ever. Oh, not that met a cute butch – that happens with some frequency. Nope. What they thought was so funny is that I spent forty-five dollars just to keep her talking. :shrugs: I have a thing for cute butches with deep voices. What can I say?

  1. Jamie Gangwer permalink

    Having a normal conversation with her might have been cheaper! lol

  2. Wow. I envy you. That kind of shit never happens to me. Usually it’s an old man hitting on me.

  3. Kerie permalink

    Sweetie, I spent $240 on a hair straightener because my hairdresser looked like Pink! AND I didn’t get a date 😦

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