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Where my girls at?

February 4, 2012

I need to write more: 30 Day Challenge Day 3

For the love of GOD people, please leave comments. Here, I mean. Don’t tweet me! Leave them here. (Shameless comment begging will continue until you get in the habit. Or til I get sick of doing it.)

Day 3: A Picture of you and your friends.

This is harder than you might think. I *have* friends, of course. But most of my friends are not friends with one another. And the group pictures I DO have are either old or I hate them, so that won’t work. So, what to do? I looked through my photos and decided that I had a few pictures of me with various of my friends, even though not a whole group of people. So, I’m using those.

First we have a picture of me and my lovely, BFF. This picture was taken when I went to visit her in 2009. She thinks this picture is hilarious. She LOVES to tell people that her friends got me drunk and I fell asleep on her kitchen floor. I did NOT, for the record, pass out. I FELL ASLEEP.

Checking out the girls

This next picture is of my friend Mel and our friend Jen. This was also 2009. I went to visit Mel and went to ATL Pride. Well, I went to a little bit of it. You can’t really tell in this picture but I was sick as a dog. I had bronchitis and, though I wasn’t contagious anymore, I felt like hell.

Mel, Barbara, Jen

Finally, this is me and my friend Andrea. I have no idea why I like this picture of me, but I do. It’s actually one of my favorite pictures of me. We are at a Western Michigan University football game. It was surprisingly fun.

Andrea & Me


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  1. Teri permalink

    Okay, Ms. Barbara as requested, well maybe demanded, I am leaving a comment. I like your pictures very much. I sure wish I could find some photos from the time that I first met you back in 1996 and if memory serves it was a party at Elizabeth Husbands apartment at Cooper Apartments downtown Kalamazoo. Awwwwww, the good ol’ crazy days when I was first discovering myself. You were a beauty back then and you still are. I enjoy you, your writing and above all your smile.

  2. Aw, thanks, Teri. I believe we did meet first at Elizabeth’s apartment. At some point, you and Erin came over to my house for dinner. I used to love those Experiemental Dinner Parties. I don’t remember if I told you ahead of time that I was experiementing with a recipe and it might be good and we might be ordering pizza! 🙂

  3. Yeah, you would have to pick one where I have, like, 12 chins! What about the one they used for that gay website that’s now defunct? That was good. Except I look like a munchkin next to you. But you have GREAT cleavage in that shot. *wink* I should have posed next to you after you passed out on the floor and had Don take pics of us, ‘cept he was probably too drunk to figure out how to use the damn camera. Yes, I said *passed out*. Although you did have sense enough to ask for a pillow. In my kitchen. Right outside the bathroom. Lush.

    I so love you.

  4. See? If I had the presence of mind to ask for a pillow, then I didn’t pass out. I WENT TO SLEEP! I used this picture because you said you liked it! You ARE a munchkin next to me. I was wearing 4″ heels so I was 6′ tall! 🙂

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