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Just Do It!

August 14, 2012

That was for me – not you all this time. Remember I wrote that whole thing a couple of posts back about how I was just gonna have to work harder? Clearly, I didn’t follow my own advice!

I’ve been busy.

I was in Chicago with my new girlfriend for 9 days of loveliness. Yeah, you read that right: girlfriend! Her name is Jake and she is 6’2″ of Southern butch fabulousness. Her only flaw is that she lives too far away. Which, you know, prevents UHaul Syndrome, so it might be good. Next week, I’m going to Florida to visit her for 6 days. Yeah, you read that right: Florida. That right there is how you can tell that I like her: I am going to Florida. In the summer time. Where it is hotter than Hades. In hurricane season. Where lizards roam around loose in her backyard. She is THAT fabulous. *grin*

I also got a new job. I started last week. They have a policy about personal blogs so I can’t link to them but … it’s a great job. Lots of mess to clean up, which is what I LOVE to do, so it’s perfect. The people here are fabulous and I get to wear jeans every day. And there are dogs and cats here.

In the interests of getting my writing mojo flowing again, you’ll probably get a lot of nonsense over the next few weeks but there should be some good stuff in there somewhere.

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One Comment
  1. Not a big fan of the lizards in Florida….go figure. lol Florida is cool in the summer and always hotter with someone special. Have fun. :)

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